Whitney Baby, You Lookin' Real Fine

2:44 PM

The day after the Jonas blizzard I was feeling really antsy and blob-y so I went to look at other blobs.....of paint. Mack wanted to check out either the New Museum or the Whitney and we chose the Whitney on account of the New Museum being half-closed due to construction. Half-the price, but half the experience.

We hadn't been to the new Whitney yet, so we were both excited to see the beautiful building designed by Renzo Piano. We were in for a treat!

I really liked Calder's circus. I saw a retrospect show of Calder's at the LACMA when I went to visit Zack when he was living in L.A. and really started to like his mobiles. I always forget there's an installation of his right in the middle of Gramercy Park, but it's pretty cool that something so modern and strange is in the old park. This circus was pretty wild - he used to host parties with all of his other artists friends and basically put a show on for them. I love it! A lot of my friends would think that's weird to watch some guy play with his own toys with a gramophone playing in the background, but I think it's fantastic.

This painting was amazing. It's a Harlem scene of folks dancing in the blue light of a nighttime moon. I felt like I wanted to shine a flashlight into the scene.

Jeff Koons is nuts.

The Frank Stella exhibit turned out to be really cool. His older work holds more appeal to me over the newer pieces.



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