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Mknz and I went to try this new Vietnamese restaurant that opened up in our neighborhood called Soothsayer. This was the complete opposite experience of the last time we went to a Vietnamese restaurant in the neighborhood where I was really weirded out by the quality of the food and the inauthenticity (aka the folks behind the counter weren't actually Vietnamese....).

I like the idea of Vietnamese food becoming more popularized. When we were young we used to hang out at this one restaurant in El Cajon with truly delicious and authentic Vietnamese food. My mom was friends with the owner and after my parents would get off work the whole family would pile into the car and drive down to the ghetto (which was really the only place where you could find good Vietnamese food in San Diego in the 1990s). 

Now it's become way more popular and when I walked into Soothsayer I almost couldn't believe my eyes....I'd never seen a Vietnamese restaurant with such beautiful decor and modern, western design.
Of course, only in NYC!

Homemade shrimp chips.

Summer rolls with a perfectly-balanced (not too tangy, not too spicy, not too fishy) nuoc cham sauce.

Pork belly with cabbage salad + pickled daikon carrot dish. The pork belly wasn't like any Vietnamese pork I've had before...but it was still delicious.

This place had a really delicious Spanish cava that went with our meal really well. Mackenzie had a junmai type sake.



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