Designing "The Great Flood" Poster

12:07 PM

I completed this fun poster last week for CalStG's Creative Arts Camp 2016:

I'm beginning the new year with lots of really fun projects! I've built up a big body of work in the past year for my current job and I'm excited to share them in a compiled blog post ( coming in the near future )! This year one of my goals is to do more creative things and practice my art in all different mediums. 

This was a really fun project because I used a bunch of different mediums - think watercolors, colored pencils, acrylic paint, ink, AND digital drawing.

I really liked the digital drawing part and am inspired to continue to illustrate this way!

Here's what I initially began with:

1. Concept modules for possible poster designs....

2. Creating watercolor washes to play with color

3. Painting the base

4. Adding texture with colored pencil to cliffs and digitally drawing lights and rock details....

It was a fun process to reimagine what the story of Noah's Ark must have been like. I kept thinking about holy water that sweeps over a dark world and the idea of renewal. Hence, waves that resemble the stained glass windows of a church!



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