10:25 AM

I'm currently home for the holidays enjoying a bit of vacation with my family. Hannah, Milan, and I have been enjoying leisurely days while Erica has been working hard at an engineering firm with a one-month winter internship (continued from the summer). We haven't been able to see her as much, but I am so glad she is gaining experience and is diligent and hardworking! Hannah and I wake up early around 6:30am to have coffee and breakfast with her before she leaves for work.
We've been doing some touring around this time. New places have popped up in some neighborhoods we love here in San Diego and it's been fun to explore them with Milan and friends! The weather is a bit chillier than we expected, but it made for a cozy Christmas that still did not lack in sunshine.
Wine tasting in Temecula - Milan had never been so we piled into the car and drove up to a few wineries.

Wearing my favorite sweater from a little secondhand shop in Hudson, NY.

We call these "trunk sandwiches" - baguettes with salted, cured meats and arugala and provolone. Only our mom would dole out arugala salad with chopsticks...

Sisters, cousins, and the amazing woman we all came from - grandma!





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