Thistle, Scaviosa pods, eucalyptus, and chirping crickets

8:15 AM

Melina recently arranged flowers for Laurel + David's wedding and she enlisted my help for a bright and early morning on the big day!

I woke up so bright and early and arrived at her house promptly at 7 o'clock in the morning. Look who was waiting for me:

Little S had pneumonia so she stayed home from school to help us (more like watch us) make garlands for the table displays.

Large and light dahlias

Love this dusty blue of the thistle.

Melina testing her new shears she found in a boutique when we were in Hudson, NY.

All of the flowers were from the Flower Market near Chelsea and we could tell they were super fresh - there were crickets in the Eucalyptus bushes chirping! 



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