Supper with the Emrichs, Esther, and a Few Others

7:00 PM

Es and I are house sitting for Jacob and Melina in Gramercy Park while they are away in the Catskills for a month. It's nice to feel like I'm taking a little stay-cation while everyone is away on real vacations! I am also enjoying the feeling of having lots of living space around me in the house and the influence that has on my creative endeavors. I've been drawing, reading, and cooking a lot more and am now about to tackle some new sewing projects. Having space also means being able to host folks for supper and that's naturally what we've been doing! Saturday we had Max + Jo Emrich over for supper to grill on the roof and enjoy a feast.

Max marinated fresh shrimp.

Jo made a spicy deep fried duck thigh.

I put together a little appetizer dish of blueberry dark chocolates, pecorino cheese, bing cherries, cornichons....

Mackenzie made an okonomiyaki pancake YUM.

I snipped chard leaves from the rooftop garden and added capers, grape tomatoes, shaved parmesan, homemade garlic toasted croutons, and drizzled lemon + olive oil + balsamic vinegar to take the bitterness away from the chard.

Esther found awesome marinated veggies in chinatown.

(Tankful) Thankful for all of Melina's hosting accessories. Platters, pitchers, dispensers, flatware, dishware....she is the master.

Ade and Angelo and Anders came to feast.

Afterwards we all went to Chinatown to listen to a couple of the boys play DJ sets at this funny awesome upstairs karaoke bar that transformed into a dance floor. Mack and I had been there once before for karaoke so it was a funny coincidence when we found ourselves ascending the same staircase to the space where they were hosting the monthly party! It was one of my favorite kind of NYC nights out - a really chill fun vibe where we knew the musicians and where lots of downtown characters (think girls in mod-60's bobs wearing everything from leather to chiffon) were dancing. The music was great - Ade knows how to throw down some mean hip hop and R&B.

Boys at werk.



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