A Wedding in Maryland

10:00 PM

Mackenzie and I recently took a little trip to Hunt Valley, Maryland for his boss's wedding. It was fairly easy to get there - a 3hour Bolt Bus to Baltimore and a 30 minute Maryland Light Rail (which felt like riding an extremely clean NY subway above ground...). We were able to see two side to Maryland, the very urban part of Baltimore and the beautiful countryside where horse pastures were common sights along the highway.

The wedding was low-key and lovely. It was like a garden party in front of an old fox hunting lodge, backdropped by a low hillside with corralled fox hounds running about. Mackenzie was able to break out his one and only suit that we found secondhand and in good quality at a Beacon's Closet in Chelsea. I dressed up (slightly) with a summer dress, though I wish I had thought to get one that didn't require me to suck in the entire time. I only complained once and Brooke - the bride - told me to relax and let it go and when I did she cheekily said, "Oh shut up, that's only a wrinkle!"



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