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Life in the big city is always bustling, especially for those folks who are always out and about (namely myself) in the daytime and evenings. Busy days can be exhausting! My roommate Jordy will confirm multiple times at night where we'll be chatting away when all of a sudden I'll fall asleep mid-sentence. But I won't let you be misinformed - I think I would be positively bored if I didn't have the option of something to do / someone to see / somewhere to go all of the time. Perhaps this summer I'll learn how to slooooooooowwww down and take it easy.  

Here are some snapshots from the month of April / May.

An old friend from back home came to visit!

I love my morning walk to work each day. My senses get woken up and I get my blood pumping before I have to sit at a computer for 8 hours.

Jordy's friend Catie gave me these sweet kicks! I usually only have a black pair that I love to watch fade with time and wear, but it's always fun to change it up. Plus, even though worn shoes are the most comfy and broken-in, you gotta give your feet some support!

I love going to church on Sundays. Hearing the age-old message of the Gospel gives me a different perspective about the tumult of life as it happens around me. I also just love seeing all the folks - young and old - with their great stories and fun tales from their week or times past!  

I go to the Farmer's Market at least 3 times a week. I've been reading a lot about food health and the environment (check out that latest article in New York Magazine about bees and pesticides) and have decided that if the option is available to me to eat clean food and support family businesses, why not???

The rare times when I kick myself out of bed early enough to read and order a sit-down cappuccino.

Macke at LEGION Bar. We went to see a friend's band play. He and Anders became the impromptu sound guys when the hired ones didn't show up. That's where a degree in Music Tech at NYU comes in handy sometimes...

Floors at Legion

I take breaks from sitting at the computer so long so that my legs don't turn to jelly. I read that if you sit at a computer all day long, your risk for heart disease goes WAY up. Scary! It's good to find ways to rest your eyes and move around.

The disappointing day when Vito Schnabel's show was advertised to the public and then it was SUPER exclusive. I took little Sophia to the 190 Bowery mansion because I thought it'd be a cool moment in NY History, but alas! NY elite wins again. By e-mailing the curator later on, I was actually able to get an appointment to see the artwork, but ended up being too busy to attend.

Macke joined up with little Soph and I. We ended up going to one of our favorite book stores, McNally Jackson and reading books together.

When I'm busy with work or going through a rough time, Macke always suggests we do something fun to take my mind off of the troubles! He took me to this awesome Japanese restaurant in the East Village where the waiter gave us a little lesson in sake! 

Chickens in La Plaza Cultural!

Filmmaker Jim Jarmusch playing at Rough Trade with his band. 

A few weekends ago I coordinated a wedding for 180 people at this amazing loft space on 31st Street by the Hudson River. That was definitely one of the most exhausting but awesome Sundays I've ever had.....! But now I know how to do a wedding for my sister!

All of these photos hold something very dear to me and looking at all of them I can't help but sigh and think, WOW New York is incredible and I am so lucky to have a life here (for now!).



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