Travel Update....Hawaii!

2:19 PM

Just found out a month ago that the next vacation I'll be taking will be in......Hawaii! My parents invited me in on their vacation.

"If you can just get yourself here, the rest is taken care of," they said.

Done deal!

I can't wait to say aloha to the ocean, and how special it'll be to see the Hawaiian shores?! We're going to Kona Island in June and I'm stoked to spend time with the fam, get some sun, hike and swim and all that fun stuff. Now what to pack?

photo by BrooklynHawaii

Some sunblock of course. Sun Bum saved my life when I traveled to the British Virgin Islands! The rays were so strong in the Caribbean  I ended up buying the bottle with SPF 70. I think this time around I will go for a lighter SPF.

I'm definitely to see my little sis. The goons will finally be back together.

We'll be missing Hannie though!!!



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