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Painting Enchanting Scenery

11:43 AM

The other day I met this artist named Nancy and spent the day with her and craftswoman Irina at Melina's painting and creating scenery for Creative Arts Camp 2015. Creative Arts Camp is this cool kids camp I help out with every year for the neighborhood kids to tell stories, create art, and help grow their imaginations and minds.

Nancy created this mountain. I loved the colors she chose - cream, lavender and peach. I also love the texture of the recycled cardboard and paper.

Melina's house has been so versatile this past season. From parties to brunches to classes...and now an art studio! 

We started off with these huge pieces of blank cardboard from Blick's.

I loved painting this lagoon! It felt so magical to me to use bright blues and deep purples against a dark night sky. Texture is a big deal to me when creating dimension within scenes so it was really cool to play with the paint and layer it with a dry brush on cardboard.

The inspiration for it came from that indie kid's film Song of the Sea by animation house Cartoon Saloon. Check out these images:

Who would have thought we could create such fun, full images from just cardboard and color? I'm so excited to see all of the neighborhood kids' reactions when they walk into all of this scenery!



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