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It's that time of year again when Mockingbird comes to town! I've been helping Melina with Mockingbird duties - aka creating art, designing programs, and executing a little print production. The projects Melina has lined up this year for it have been SO fun! Take a peek:

Those cement vases were hand mixed + poured. The succulents were ordered from the Farmer's Market in Union Square and placed inside the vases once they dried! 

One night we stayed up into the wee hours watercoloring these HUGE rolls of water color paper with Ginger and Jackie and even little Soph stayed up to help. The theme this year for Mockingbird is "CLEAN SLATE" so what better colors to use than the cool tones of green and azul?

Some coffee for the team to get us through the past couple of weeks...

The main part of my duties was to oversee the design and print production of the programs. Take a peek! These were insanely fun to do and I love playing around with type and graphics and clean lines. Redoing the menu for Pixie and the Scout was insanely fun too (as well as thinking about the tasty meals we'll be eating this weekend.....!)

It's been a bit hectic, but I am constantly reminded of how much I love this work and the amazing folks who bring it together. 

Still doesn't quell my excitement for warmer days and a relaxing Summer....



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