Welcome Baby!

12:19 PM

Last night Melina threw a little baby shower party for one of our friends, Melody, and her new baby Joseph! I am so thankful for the incredible women in my life who share their stories and teach me about their different lives and circumstances, the trials and tribulations, and what it means to be a woman making it in Manhattan.

Mel made me a little espresso pick-me-up after work.

Essie getting ready.

Beautiful little details

The last of the winter decor traces...

I bought little baby Joseph a cozy baby bunny stuffed animal from ABC Carpet and Home and the packaging is just as magical as the store! I hope Melody and Joseph like it!!

Shannon baked a yummy simple vanilla cake with homemade whipped cream frosting. She laughed over the layers and called it "this ugly little thing!" but it was so delicious!



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