New Design for "Red Flamboyant"

8:58 PM

Hi Folks! This day has felt like a journey up a steep mountain and now seconds before midnight, I'm excited to say I've seen the top and am now on the descent. I finally completed a project I've been working on for a theatre company that we're hosting at the Olmsted Salon this season. The company originally reached out to me when I was working at the art organization last year to see if they could possibly host a party in the gallery, but I knew the space wasn't taking requests. Luckily,  I had another opportunity in mind for them that would be able to meet their needs - the Olmsted Salon! We have space and the play was a powerful one it looked like so I connected the director to Dusty and the rest is history!

The original illustration. You can see the color washes I was experimenting with on the left.

Adding more sketches...and flowers...

And color...

Here's what I began with, but after some more deliberation and input the folks wanted something a bit more abstract with modern type. So this is what I ended with:

The project was a fun one and now I am excited to see the play! After reading the script I am very curious to see how the acts play out.

Little Sophia seems to like what the story entails...how cute is this photo of her coloring in her own version of my drawing? I had an extra black and white photocopy of the sketch and she added in her favorite color - turquoise!



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