Lately I've...

2:59 PM

....been so absent from blogging.

Ah! The year is underway before me and I certainly feel it moving forward. March already! March, certainly, I feel I must! We "spring forward" this Sunday and I am glad for it. The days will grow longer and warmer I hope. It seems anything anyone is talking about is the chill that still hangs around. Today we were hit with a minor snow storm and as I type this I can hear the ice pickings from folks on the sidewalk trying to divide snow from concrete.

I've been keeping busy with my work inside my happy little office. Last week a mouse died in the closet and one of the groundskeepers came to alleviate the situation but Alas! could not find it. Thankfully an exterminator came and cleared it out - the smell was unbearable! I kept the closet door shut and burned yummy cinnamon candles to mask it.

The stench didn't keep me from being a busy bee and I've been working on some fun new materials for different events:

This one was fun - painting local poets that are doing a reading this month: Alan Katz, Miranda Field, Robert Sawyer, and Matt Siegel.

Mel's easel makes this work much easier and more enjoyable than pausing to tilt the watercolors to leak towards the bottom of the image.

Fonts used: GoBold, Sugarcubes, Elkwood, Quicksand.

Getting a bit of sun at Mel's house. I felt like such a creature that has been living at the bottom of a dark hole...I closed my eyes and imagined that I felt Vitamin D flooding over me. My friend Esther and I (who I see and hang with every day now YAY!!) kept saying GOLEMN or SMEAGLE to each other.

The finished product! ^^



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