Pioneer Works: Peals + Art

12:00 AM

Mknz and I found out one of our favorite bands Peals was playing at this cool art space out in Red Hook called Pioneer Works a little bit ago. I've finally gotten around to uploading photos and it's always funny to me how these images bring back all these mental sensations like the hum of noise from the crowd, the ratatat of my boots on the polished floors, a tiny hint of dry-wall scent...

The artwork was interesting and a diverse mix of mediums, but we were honestly just intrigued by the space itself. It was HUGE! There were wooden beams and tall wooden walls with a matte black concrete floor. Mack's dad is an architect and we just kept wondering what he would say about the place.

Another really interesting detail is that the floor is heated - an awesome detail on such a chilly night.

I liked this piece the best ^^.

Blurry Mknz.



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