Designing Invitations

2:40 PM

Today was a very special and fun day at work for me - not for anything that was particularly groundbreaking or incredible, but for the fact that I designed invitations for a dinner party using my own personal photography! Photography for me is just something I've always loved doing since high school and the only activity I can say is a genuine hobby for me. Mixing my photography with typography has got to be one of the most exciting tasks for me. Figuring out which images are good for setting beneath type is always a challenge because you have to determine if the colors on the plane of the photo are complementary or if the textures look particularly good...

I love this image - it had everything I love in it for photos - good spatial arrangement, different textures, color, and light. If you recognize it, it may be because I photographed one of Melina's dinner parties last year and posted about it HERE.

Using this old school paper cutter always makes me feel like I'm in a 1950s school setting. My friend Matt says it reminds him of a horror film.

Please excuse that huge fat black smudge - had to block out the address for some privacy. 
I liked playing around with the text inside as well. Fun type!



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