Dawn of a New Year

10:03 AM

I'm back in NYC and can hardly believe it's already the new year! I was flipping through my book of daily inspirational devotions and opened the tail end of the book because my mind must've been stuck in the end of December still. To remind myself of 2015, I spent some time on a little Happy New Year doodle (see above!) and it ended up being a fun little practice in block letters.

I don't have many resolutions for this year, but I do want to remember each day to give genuine attention to my loved ones that I see in my daily life. Last year I was overwhelmed with all the sheer new-ness of post college life and a lot of my relationships slipped through the cracks and I had to deal with the consequences of failing to patch things together once things were too far gone. This year I am excited to be more present - and to slooooooooow my schedule down. Mackenzie always tries to make sure that I pace myself by reminding me that my best is always enough! If there is anything I am grateful for from the year 2014 is that I met Mackenzie and fell in love and started to learn what it truly means to be in a relationship with another person.

Tonight there is a potluck feast with the neighborhood community and I am excited to see familiar faces now that I am back in town! I wonder what dish Melina will bring...last night some friends got together at her place for some homemade enchiladas - yum!

Here's a photo from a couple of days ago when I forced my family to stand on this beautiful seaside cliff so that I could snag a family portrait for our Christmas cards next year. Milan flew out from Germany to join us for a couple of weeks - AND PROPOSED TO HANNIE!!! I will post the engagement photos I snapped of them later.

Until then - happy new year!



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