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5:28 PM

Hi folks,

As usual it has been a NY minute from the last time I posted - I tell you, the relief I now feel to be on holiday in California is gigantically welcome! The past couple of months have been so busy that even my workaholic-self shakes her head in dismay. This next year I foresee will be much more peaceful and meaningful as I focus my energy in a more specified manner (more news about this in my New Year's Resolutions post).

The most creative energy I've been able to muster is to snap photos of life around me as I walk quickly by. Here are some scenes from around the city:

Greenwich Village

Unfinished business

Protests above Washington Square Park

I thought this scene was intriguing - a peaceful timeless church tower watching over a tumultuous sign of the times, the protests that broke out after the death of Eric Garner.

This site used to be a church, but NYU bought the real estate and put up a dorm high rise. What's left is this church fa├žade. I love the architectural difference!

Rush hour

Mknz's favorite mural in the East Village

I started a TUMBLR for my photography if you want to check out more:



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