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8:10 PM

Merry Christmas!

Today will be dedicated to family and delicious food! All of my siblings and I are finally all in one place again and boy are we happy for it. The house has been full of laughter and silliness with different stories about our lives apart - so glad we can all come together and share these crazy tales with our parents. I hope next year or one of the future years Mackenzie's family and mine can get together to celebrate. Excited...our 1 year anniversary is in January!

I started writing my Christmas cards right after Thanksgiving. I found these cute ones and loved the fonts and design!

Here's a peak at last year's cards:

We're a long way from the city - Here's Hannie taking Jolie for a walk around the neighborhood under beautiful big open skies.

Beautiful Momma.

Dad building a fire.

Grabbing some brews and pizza.

Hannie on Christmas morning.

Every year since we were little, we wake each other up just before dawn to peek at the presents and gather our stockings. We do this every year and then make coffee and prepare delicious goodies for our parents who then join us.

This year was no different!

What a wonderful time to gather together and love each other as well as count all of the wonderful blessings we have been given! It is a time to rejoice.

Merry Christmas, folks.



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