Tricking and Treating

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I promise this will be the last Halloween post of the year - if you couldn't tell, it's my absolute favorite holiday of the year...
The grand majority of people is led to believe that you are too old to trick-or-treat at the age of 23 (I'm wont to think differently...I would trick-or-treat until the age of 60 if I could), so my involvement with the activity is very limited. This year I was so excited to accompany little Sophia around the brownstoned blocks in the neighborhood with Esther and Melina. 

We all gathered at Mel's house first to get our Halloween faces put on and our outfits put together. It was fun helping Melina choose the pieces she would wear for her Frida Kahlo outfit. Because of the colder weather we experienced on Halloween, she decided to be the male-version of Frida, who dressed up as a man back in her day to subvert ideas of traditional man-and-woman-roles. Pretty badass if you ask me.

I had this old Venetian renaissance-style dress lying around and decided to go as the dark age art motif, "Death and the Maiden."

Mel asked me to do her hair in the pinned Frida braids - with real Juliette roses she'd picked up from the Flower District in Chelsea! They were perfect because of their large size and romantic shape. 

Look at this beautiful Frida!

Esther went as Tonto from the Lone Ranger. Her makeup was perfect for it!
Seeing her in this kitchen makes me nostalgic for all those times we would be hanging out at the Smith House all throughout college. When Essie dropped in to town from spending a year in Korea, we of course met up late at night in the Smiths' kitchen to drink a bottle of wine with Jo while all the adults had supper in the dining room. It was just like old times in our New York City family house.

Cheeky little Sophia in her Peter Pan outfit.

"This is what Peter would do!" she said.

Wild thing!

Melina as Frida Kahlo and Jake as Diego Rivera. This was so perfect and hilarious because Melina used little Henry's stuffed animal monkey.



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