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Late Night Spooks

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Halloween was a fantastic, spooky event this year! I began the day working my day job and then as the nighttime drew near I changed into a costume and went to Melina's to do her hair for her Frida Kahlo costume. After all of our costumes were assembled, we walked out into the neighborhood to take the little Sophia trick - or - treating. I'll post those photos later, but here is a snapshot as to how Jord's, Oralia's, and my pregame party went!

Jordie was a unicorn and Mackenzie was Andy Warhol!

Party decoration supplies pre-party...I ordered everything in advance from Walmart and it all arrived a couple of days before Halloween - perfect timing! It was definitely a much more cost-efficient and convenient route than hunting this all down in the city.

And these pumpkins from when we had the pumpkin party...

Jordie's tissue ghosts!

Me and my own personal Andy Warhol :)

So good to have Essie in town again, if even for a little bit. She is someone who never makes a judgment against her neighbor and truthfully accepts people as they are unlike people I know who profess this value, but don't exhibit it. She is incredible and so much fun to be around!

Even the Poper came out to play :)

Love my Oralia!

Caroline came to town too! She came to hold a fun little holiday photoshoot and network with some other fashion entrepreneurs. Check her little Cleveland shop out - called The Wandering Wardrobe - so proud of the work she's done on her own! Incredible!

We originally wanted to go to the Wythe, but as the night turned to wee hours of the morning we decided to keep it local in the East Village and stuck to our neighborhood. We headed out to Dream Baby for some more drinks and their hidden little club to dance!

It was the perfect way to end our Halloween extravaganza :)

And here is a sneak peak for my next post....



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