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I'm part of this team called the Olmsted Salon with a few friends and we host fun events that engage New York City through culture and art and sometimes....food! One of the cool projects Dusty lined up for us is hosting a series of suppers put on by Dinner Lab. We're very fortunate to have access to incredible spaces in Gramercy and they were perfect for the Dinner Lab folks in terms of setup, cooking, space, and cleanup.

These photos are from a couple of weeks ago, but I'm posting them now as I'm attending another supper tonight and I'm super excited! I really enjoyed the warm atmosphere that Dinner Lab sets when they prepare the room and the food. I also love how you're forced to sit with complete strangers (though if you have a membership you're allowed to bring a guest!) to share a meal and create conversation. Social events like this make me so excited to live in New York City and learn other peoples' stories while doing something fun!

It was incredible to see Anderson Hall transformed to accommodate so many people. The Dinner Lab folks were incredibly efficient and had two different seatings to create some relief for traffic.

The chef Aaron that night had a cute little plating setup in front of the kitchen.

Le chef.

There was so much booze - each course came with a new cocktail or wine, not to mention your ability to ask for more...

My personal favorite was a cumin lime cocktail garnished with cilantro that actually tasted like liquid falafel. Sounds crazy, but it was really delicious.

If you don't know much about Dinner Lab, you should definitely learn more about it and see if they do any suppers in your area!



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