You Can Do It All By Yo Shelf

6:14 AM

I'm excited to say I can finally walk around freely in my bedroom again! For a while all of my things were existing in big Whole Foods bags and now they're all tucked away in an organized manner. I spent a few hours on Saturday putting together a tall white bookshelf to put beside my closet door. I was so happy I found one that was the exact size of the wall space! 

I like the idea of being able to grab little doodads that I need from an easy access book shelf, but I wanted to make sure that my things didn't look messy on an open shelf. My solution was to buy six 10 - inch bins made from galvanized steel (I premeasured and thankfully they fit!) to arrange in the bookshelf and assign a category of objects to hold. Now I have "crafts" and "electronics" and "toiletries" etc.

Sometimes my ideas don't work out but this one turned out great. I like treating my room like a project where I can be as creative as I like! My ceilings are really high so I have to think about a lot of upward space and how to utilize it. Next on my list is beginning to gather pieces for a gallery wall....ordering a corner table...transforming my windowsill area...modifying the closet doors...

Wish me luck!



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