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The Annual Pumpkin Carve

6:04 PM

Perhaps we were premature in having friends over to carve some pumpkins, but for me it's never too early to start the Halloween decorations! Halloween is my favorite holiday (yes, perhaps even before Christmas...) and I started October off by going to the craft store to pick up two bags full of Halloween goodies. Those goodies included ribbon, glitter, paper straws, candy cartons....

We picked up some hard cider and fireball for yummy little cinnamon apple drinks to sip on while we carved pumpkins. Meg brought delicious pumpkin ale and Jordan provided the seasonal favorite: apple cider donuts fresh from the farmer's market.

We're so lucky to have found an apartment in the East Village....with a backyard! To plan for an easy cleanup, we re-used old paper bags and duct taped them down to the ground.

Me with my pumpkin!

Glitter pumpkins! I picked these mini pumpkins up from Trader Joe's for $0.69 each, taped off the middle section to create a clean line, painted the top or bottom, and then sprinkled glitter over the top. Jordan used these basket coffee filters to cut spiderweb shapes and we used the extras to catch glitter for the glitter pumpkins!

We moved inside so Jordan could roast pumpkin seeds and toast apple cider donuts!



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