October Planning

10:43 AM

Hello, October.

I adore summer, but I don't mind waving it good-bye for a while once the leaves begin to turn. Each year seems like it's whizzing by quicker than the one that came before it and I feel determined not to let this autumn season pass by with the darkness of winter hovering at the edge of the calendar. I used to think August was my favorite month, but now I believe October to be filling that role. It's a time to slow down and put the summer rowdiness away. 

Each season has its dreaminess. Each are lovely, but autumn I find to be loveliest. The air turns cool and the leaves begin to burn. I love it!

Now that it's October there is no excuse that my apartment should remain in the half-moved-in state it's been in for the past month. I'm so excited to put the finishing touches on it with Oralia and Jordan. We ordered some staples like a dining table and some chairs. Now we're in the market for a bench and some poufs for people to sit on!

Here's what we've ordered so far:

Detail of the table we ordered ^^

We're going for a very clean, modern look and when we saw the style of these chairs all we could say was YES!

Now to find a good bench....

xo N

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