Lobstah Palooza!

3:01 PM

My friend Dusty and I went to a fun supper on the roof off the Graham L stop in Williamsburg. The chefs and hosts putting on this supper previously hosted a banquet for a theatre company we collaborated with and invited us along!

The night started out with cocktails. The hosts were so clever and utilized the roof space so well - they secretly blocked off the area where the picnic tables by keeping the roof door open the entire time (and therefore closing off the hallway to the other side of the roof).

It was such a surprise when we saw the actual settings!

The theme for this supper was LOBSTAH PALOOZA! Everybody's place card sat next to a red beanie with a lobster pin on it.

There were delicious little biscuits on the table to munch on.

I'm sure folks on neighboring rooftops thought we looked like some sort of cult with the red caps on...but I love how no one thought twice about it after a while and put them on in the spirit of lobster goodness!

Incredible clam chowder.

Pickled fennel, mustard seed salad.

Gourmet mac 'n' cheese was brought out in this piping hot Dutch oven and served family-style. We had to hold back from having extra (third and fourth...) helpings because we knew there was more food coming!

Every person got their own lobster YUM! and hot butter to dip.

And some birthdays were celebrated :)

A happy night!



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