Industrial Cage Pendant Lights

12:40 PM

The area above our dining table is slightly darker than the rest of the apartment. I've been trying to think of ways to brighten it and Oralia supplemented a little table lamp for the corner. One thing that caught my eye when I was looking up inspiration were these beautiful lightbulb cages that have an industrial look to them:

I love how stark yet accenting they are! The style goes well with the theme of our apartment as we have industrial-style furniture.
I jumped online to find one and was pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive they are! Of course I ordered a generic kind to experiment with first, so we will see how it turns out...

Here is what I ordered:

I'm going to hunt down an Edison bulb this weekend. Stay tuned to see how the hanging of the pendant light goes!



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  1. Oh my! Those pictures all look breathtakingly gorgeous. I've always been a fan of industrial style inspired accents and those pendants are just the perfect examples. My particular favorite would have to be the gem-shaped ones on the third photo. Anyway, thank you for sharing! I hope you're having a great autumn.

    Eleanor Roy @ Douthit Electrical


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