Hot Hot Habanero

1:45 PM

I picked up a whole basket of habanero peppers from my favorite farmstand at the Green Market last week in Union Square in an effort to try and spice up my life in the kitchen! Boy are these little hotties spicy! I was sautéing one of them in olive oil when all of a sudden Jordan, Oralia, and I started coughing and then laughing and then coughing when we weren't laughing (we should coin this as "caughing")...

The spiciness had transferred to the air!

I like how these little habaneros look - especially during this season of Halloween! They're like little spicy pumpkins. Note: when cutting, make sure you handle only the outside skin of the peppers and wash your hands immediately afterwards. Do not make the mistake of rubbing your eye!

They're all nestled in my favorite Anthropologie produce basket made of ceramic.

Here's a delicious Jerk Pineapple Pork Chops recipe using habaneros from Martha Stewart's blog:



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