The Land, It Calls to Us

8:53 PM

I decided to take a queue like everyone else and empty the city for a little while during August. Luckily my jobs allow me the possibility to work remotely so I can fulfill all of my tasks with my little laptop! I packed up my backpack and hopped a plane back home to California to spend time with my family in the off hours. I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am to spend some time on our land surrounded by trees! All of the familiar sounds come out at night too - an old Mexican radio plays mariachi music in the distance, crickets chirp, and coyotes howl every now and then.

The other night I went on a walk with my friend Ally around the neighborhood and we spotted this huge thundercloud beyond the far hills rising up in the sky. It was dusk, so the sky was turning this soft indigo color and the air felt like it was humming. There were huge shocks of lightning brightening different parts of the thundercloud - the top, bottom, sides. The land has been so dry and I felt like raising my arms up to welcome more rain.

Dad's pet project - growing a nursery of sego palms in our avocado grove. When I was in highschool I used to have to wake up up around dawn to hand-water them. They were just little things then and now they've grown to great sizes. I used to begrudge the task, but now I don't mind it and wish I was around more often to lend a hand.



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