I'm 23!

9:27 AM

Last week I turned 23 on August 14th and had such a good time celebrating! The past few years I've been pretty low-key about my birthday and try not to make a big deal about it, because in truth, I'm just thankful to be celebrating the gift of one more year of life. It still felt nice when Mknz planned two fun birthday nights - one with good friends and another with a date night! I was so grateful to all of the birthday wishes from everyone who took time out of their day to message, text, or call! Throughout college I was always the one to plan other peoples' birthdays and since mine was a summer birthday, no one was around for it to plan when we were away from the city! This year I was excited to be getting the best of both worlds - a birthday in the city and one with my family in California!

We had a good time gathered around this old beer-stained wooden table at DROP OFF SERVICE. At one point Sophia and I started telling Scottish + Japanese ghost stories and Philipp tickled my arm and I got creeped out and accidentally knocked my beer all over my tank! Poor Philipp was so sweet he apologized and got me napkins but I was fine and we all just started cracking up.

On the eve of my birthday, Mknz took me to NORTHERN SPY FOOD CO., a delicious little place in the neighborhood with a killer supper MENU. For appetizers we got the cauliflower dish and duck fat fries. Mknz went for a teardrop glass of riesling and I went for some yummy rosè. For our main courses, I got the pork shoulder with fresh heirloom tomatoes and Mknz ordered the Long Island Skate. It was so delicious and such a perfect evening with my love!

Gifts from Mknz and his parents. Mknz's birthday gift deserves its own post...shoot it deserves its own pedestal in a design museum. I chuckled over the wrapping paper though...!

Beautiful cake from my parents with 23 candles! 

Grandma, Eri, Auntie Thanh, and Uncle Peng. Family gathering means Grandma's delicious cooking!

Little Maddie!

My little sissy and I getting cute for a birthday dinner with Greg + AJ at STONE BREWERY.

It was good to have part of the old crew together again. It's always like old times being silly and ridiculous and having fun :)

Yummy arugula salad with grilled peaches. I paired it with Stone's Latitude 33 beer.



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  1. love the photos!

    and ahhhh eri is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

    1. Thanks Hannieeeee! I know Eri is SO cute - like an angel!


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