Independence Day!

7:29 AM

Anders + Mknz amidst party prep work ... note the flag draped about Anders' shoulders and Mknz testing food with chopsticks and sending last minute invites.

Fanning bbq flames with vinyl! Not the most orthodox way to do things but it gets the job done.

Sophia telling a story about a river in Laos where you can raft down it, shodden bar to shodden bar, and get drunk the whole way down! They mark your hand first so that they can identify your body if something goes awry......!

Johannes was in town from the Hamptons and dropped in.

A. Pope is vegan, but made allowances in the company of non-veganites! True holiday for him :)

I figured this was the most American outfit I raglan, cutoffs, and you can't see it, but the black Converse hightops I've had since I was fifteen!

We always rag on Philipp about his photo-framing skills. This is him going, "Come on!" which sounds 1000x better than a normal "come on!" because of his German accent.

I loved the fireworks this year! There were so many rascals in the east village this year - not only could we see the fireworks display taking off from between the Brooklyn + Manhattan bridges, but there were a dozen or so rooftops where illegal fireworks were going off long after the big show's finale! It was awesome!



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