Took Hannie to La Colombe

12:00 AM

As you already know one of Mknz's and my favorite coffee stops is La Colombe. We frequent the larger one on Lafayette the most because of the tall ceilings and big window walls. You can imagine my excitement when I took Hannie there for the first time; taking a break over coffee is one of our favorite past times! No matter where we are, whether it be San Diego or Europe or NYC, we love grabbing a cup of coffee somewhere in between activities.


Mknz stopped by to give Hannie her birthday gift! He went to Still House (remember his gift for me from there?) and got her a beautiful handmade teacup from Japan with a metal, birch stick spoon for tea.

Wonder what I bought Hannie for her birthday? Check out her post here.

Mknz joined us to give Hannie her birthday present!



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