Taco Bar at the Smiths'

10:42 AM

Last week I went over to Melina's house to help out with a party she was throwing. When I arrived the dining room was already set up in perfect arrangement - all of the delicious snackies assigned to their respective bowls and painted jars with vibrant flora poking out of them. Melina always does a fabulous job with food and presentation. It was so difficult resisting the urge to eat all of the yummy food!

All of the food was donated by a friend of ours who is a chef at the Maialino.

The peonies were perfect!

Beautiful, golden honey.

How brilliant is Melina's tile idea for the table scape? She had extra rom her kitchen flooring and she laid them out on the table as accents!

Jacob made white sangria with peaches and strawberries.

Wineglasses leftover from the conference we planned.

Flat tacos! I was so excited because there was queso fresca - a salty dry + crumbly Mexican cheese made from skim milk.

The LED lights were the perfect touch.

Needless to say, we all had a lovely time! I poured wine all night and kept the table well-stocked with the delicious tacos Melina cooked.



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