Painting Pottery

9:12 AM

I went out to Carroll Gardens yesterday afternoon to see a friend while she was working and after catching up with her I decided to wander the neighborhood for a while because I've missed it so much! I lived in Brooklyn Heights for a couple of years and used to take walks through Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens to explore the yummy eats and shops out there. The place has such a neighborhood-y feel and in the lazy, late summer afternoons there's a quiet hum in the air.

I happened upon The Painted Pot and decided to pop in for a couple of hours to paint a coffee mug! Back home my sisters and I used to go to a place called Clay-n-Latte in San Diego and paint cute little figurines that would be fired during the week in a kiln.

There's an $8.00 studio fee added to the price of the item you choose.

I drew first with graphite and then filled in with paint. I'm curious to see how the colors turn out once they get fired.

Cute little bright shop.

Practicing with a needle point nozzle. You have to get that perfect balance between pressure and surface hovering.

My little surfer girl!



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