Hannie in Town!

12:09 PM

I thought I would be in deeper yearning for the British Virgin Islands over the city, but with the arrival of my sister in town it's been so nice to rediscover the little things about New York that I love so much! Having Hannie here makes me see the city through her eyes and I'm discovering that I really love what I see. Here's a small glance into our world these past few days:

Herman Miller exhibit

Japanese washi tape installations at Chelsea Market Anthropologie.

Delightful menus at the Standard Grill.

Bolivian dancers in the street at the dance parade!

MOMA trip.

Yummy beer!

Mknz's graduation dinner at MEW 

Tristan at the Standard

I love eating breakfast with Hannie - we woke early every morning (except for the day after her birthday festivities) and chit-chatted over coffee.

Beautiful St. Thomas Church

Sigmar Polke.

Shake Shack!

Puerto Rican Coffee Imports

Mackenzie's family was in town! We met for breakfast then broke up into groups: boys went adventuring + the girls went shopping. Hannie + I loved going to all of Mackenzie's mother's favorite NYC spots. After afternoon activities we all met up at the Standard Grill for some beers and fries.



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