Celebrating 6 Months!

9:45 AM

I can't believe Mknz and I have been together for 6 months already! Some people don't celebrate this occasion, but I'm someone who loves to celebrate even the smallest events because it's a special moment in your life!

We haven't known each other that long, but it feels like we've known each other forever. We've been through so much together already - from experiencing graduated life, to getting new jobs, to traveling to the Caribbean with family, etc...so much has happened in these short 6 months! He's come to be my best friend, partner in crime, and confidante. I love that he is so adventurous, loves all the nerdy things that I do, has a good heart, and can use chopsticks! Because my gears are always working at a million miles a minute, I like having someone as level-headed and pragmatic as Mknz to calm me down and remind me to relax. 

He took me out last week to celebrate and chose the most incredible restaurant to have dinner. We had a late night reservation so we decided to have drinks first at Amor y Amargo.

They specialize in bitters. I got one of my favorite kind of cocktails: a negroni!

After drinks, it was on to our dinner reservation at the special Japanese restaurant Kura on St. Mark's at Avenue A.

I could not have been more excited that we were eating here! I remember Mknz mentioning it offhandedly how he would like to eat at Kura, but I could not have imagined that it would be the choice restaurant for our date! 

We chose the 13-course meal, both kappo omakase and sushi omakase. Omakase is different than a-la-carte because each dish is selected specifically by the chef as they come out. I love that because the chef basically curates the meal for each customer in what he thinks would be best for them. 

The restaurant front is an austere white wall and wooden door. I love the tiny, stark interior here because the place felt very clean and intimate! Ultimate food worship atmosphere.

Ahi tuna topped with white sticky mountain yam and nori dust.

This smelt roe was incredible. They tasted as though they'd been toasted so the flavor was almost smoky!

Sashimi is my favorite thing! And these cuts were so delicious - like butter.

Sesame curd. In the background you see squid stuffed with brown rice. SO delicious.

Fresh scallop + kampachi.

This one was one of my favorites! Creamy orange ankimo with a salty sauce and spring onions.

Their knives were so sharp that single contact with the nori sheets split them!


What was left of the Manila clam miso soup...there were many other dishes, but I had to make the decision to eat them all first or take photographs!

Mknz's favorite: uni! I can't believe we were swimming over sea urchins in the BVI...

Nihiro-san was constantly smiling! He pointed to me and told Mknz, "Cute!" I started blushing!

Searing salmon.

I love this about Mknz - he enjoys food so much that when it is truly delicious to his taste, he will pause and just sit and think about the flavor for a moment.

Pear riesling sorbet.

Pistachio honey ice cream.

To top it off, they gave us little flutes of sparkling sweet sake for our 6 months! It was so delicious and perfect with the ice cream scoops!



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