Barbecue Picnic in Madison Square Park

2:20 PM

I met up with some friends at Madison Square Park last week for the annual park barbecue. There were delicious food fares set up all over the lawns and the worry of an open-container-ticket was nowhere in sight! Normally I try to avoid such large crowds, but I love this event and the weather was so perfect to sit under the shade...

The crew. Obviously Sophia had no problem getting comfy immediately.

Adorable Jackie!

Showing off my new Mara Hoffman dress. Obsessed!

Sister love - Sophia + Serene.

It's funny that a fedora is stylishly unacceptable whereas a porkpie hat exudes cool - lovin' Brett's style.

BBQ + pickled coleslaw.

Macke + Phillip.

Wild childs! Sophia hiked up her muumuu skirt and flashed us.



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