Launch Party: The Pixie and the Scout

7:49 PM

A couple of weeks ago some friends of mine, the Pixie and the Scout, threw a party at their new space in Brooklyn to celebrate the launch of their kitchen and Kickstarter. The Pixie and the Scout, aka Katy and Jonathan, began their careers as professional cooks in NYC but broke free from the restaurant biz to do things their own way. What resulted was a philosophy for food and cooking that focused on community between farmers, chefs, and dinner attendees. The P + S have built relationships with farmers to give power to the food suppliers and to prepare produce and vegetables that are in-season.

Remember the IAM Supper event? They definitely know how to throw a good party!

Treasure from the party - a recipe card with brussels sprouts! I thought they were just mini posters, but I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package over coffee at the Roost the next morning.

Jonathan + Katy!

Mknz + Scott

I love their table - it's a huge plank of wood on top of sawhorses.

Katy is so cute on her soap box.

It was a lovely time feasting and drinking and celebrating!



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