IAM Art Raffle

12:00 AM

I've been planning an art raffle for the past couple of months and I finally hosted the event last week! It was a nice little evening of poetry, music, and art. The event was co-hosted by TS Poetry Press and a few of their poets read their pieces aloud. After Brooke Campbell performed a few songs, we pulled tickets for attendees to choose artwork off the gallery wall.

I was amazed at how many pieces we received and from where they came from. Artwork arrived everywhere from Israel to Peru to Australia to Vancouver to Tokyo to Singapore...it was incredible!

The hors d'oeuvres cards I drew up last minute.

Conquering what used to be my biggest fear: speaking in front of large groups of people. I think when duty called for me to take charge was when I just swallowed the fear and learned to be better at it!

There's Mknz dipping into the sound rack - he's so great, always checking up on me and encouraging and lending support. 

This was another of my favorites - the color scheme, texture, and framing were awesome.

^^ This art piece was my favorite. It's by an artist named Laurie Lea.



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