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My older sister Hannie (the one currently living in the Netherlands) is probably the cutest person I know. She's like Japanese-neko-cat-cute (her fluent Japanese has nothing to do with it). Hannie's always coming up with great little DIY ideas and pretty little things to make. Her personality is bright and silly and funny - I cannot wait for her to visit for 12 days in May when I get back from the British Virgin Islands with Mknz.

I was reading her blog and the latest post caught my eye, so I decided to repost the idea and share it:

The other day while doing laundry, I noticed how threadbare and stained my tea towels had become. So, I thought it would be simple to go to store and pick up some new ones. Wrong. After several stores, I wasn't satisfied. They just weren't cute enough (right now my dad is probably rolling his eyes as he reads this). I know that's not a valid nor pragmatic reason, but for me aesthetics are a huge factor! SO naturally I decided to make my own. They also make cute gifts!

Potatoes are a good and cheap way to make your own stamps. The only downside is that you need to dispose of them, so your design can't be saved forever. 


1. Wash and cut your potato in half. Your potatoes might be wet, so dry them off thoroughly. 

2. Trace out the design you want and start whittling away. 

3. Squeeze some paint onto your surface/palette. 

4. Apply the fabric paint to your stamp, and stamp onto some scratch paper/newspaper, just so you know what your design will look like and to also remove any excess paint. 

5. When you're happy with your design, you can start stamping on your tea towel. 

6. Place some newspaper/scratch paper under the towel so that it doesn't bleed out and damage your surface. 

7. Stamp firmly, wiggle left, right up and down.

8. Let dry for 24-48 hours (I dried mine for 2 days)

9. Place a piece of cloth over the design and iron over the surface, in order to heat set the design. Then, turn it over and iron the backside. 

10. Wash the towels! 

11. Finished! 



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