Prepping for Mockingbird

1:31 PM

The past few days have been a whirlwind! Is it possible to feel so busy yet so relaxed at the same time? Perhaps because it's all enjoyable work that I find myself doing. I have a 9 to 5, but I also take on a lot of small projects on the side for events that I'm really passionate about.

One of my favorite things about event planning is the combination of design and hospitality. I love that you can craft an atmosphere where people are comfortable, enjoying themselves, and chatting it up. I'm curious to see how the Mockingbird conference will go this weekend as Melina and I have been working so hard to come up with a good aesthetic to set the vibe for the space and the suppers.

We've been illustrating table runners for the past few days -- we underestimated how much pen work we'd be doing! Good thing we had Ginger...

Ginger's got an incredible knack for illustration + typography. She was so cute dancing to Michael Jackson tunes while we worked!

I loved drawing the little cityscape. I was emulating one of my favorites - Michel Delacroix.

If this doesn't look familiar...remember the first issue of Mockingbird?

Here is my homage to Gustav Klimt. Mel bought this awesome silver metallic duct tape...couldn't help but cut them down in geometric shapes.

This one was fun, playing with chalk pens / Japanese washi tape / and fonts!

Jackie working hard at it. She invited Mknz and I over for dinner later that night and cooked an incredible smorgasbord for us (and Brett, her beau).

Mknz and I dropped by Mel + Jake's last night to finish up some doodles. Henry was showing him a whale castle he was drawing.

M loves H-bomb. How can you not? The little guy is so cute! He looks so tiny here.


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