a la Colombe

8:52 PM

Mmm...meet me at the coffee shop. 

Had the luxury of spending an hour of my late afternoon at the northern Lafayette Colombe reading an old Sotheby's catalogue I picked up at the Strand (for just a dollar!). Coffee shops here always remind me of just how much I adore this city. The question keeps arising -- to stay or skedaddle? That old Clash song seems to be skipping dully in the background...

Sitting and listening and watching and sipping good coffee at these wonderful cafes (esp. La Colombe where the coffee is always Supreme) lets me just forget the question and remember why I love living here so much -- New York, New York the wonder city! The people whose lives I always try to guess at simply by way of their looks and actions. No opinions, just surveillance... Horn-rimmed glasses, curly hair shaved on the sides above the ears, frantic hands waving through the air as he tells a story? Must be the one you gather around at Friday night parties to throw back your head and share a good laugh. Quiet girl with a deep side part and shrunk-fit cardigan, book in lap and furrowed brow? Must the be cerebral university girl who finds weekends lonely sometimes...

NYC the wonder city!

It's nice to focus on the goings-on happening all around. It takes you away from the glass slide that is your own (sometimes miserable, sometimes grand) life on a microscope platform. My eyes get tired from that, the scrutiny. It's nice to feel like part of the world simply as an observer sometimes.



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