A Happy Anniversary

12:00 AM

I received the sweetest card from Mackenzie along with a beautiful gift from Still House! He's always the one taking me on lovely dinner dates out in the city so I wanted to take him somewhere special this time around. He met me on the Bowery, flowers in hand, and we walked to Soho together for a nice supper at Cafe Gitane.

He painted my name in katakana on the front...

And on the back he put a little sticker of a puppy and the name Jolie (in homage to my puppy back in CA)!!

Here are a couple of the flowers from the bouquet he brought me! They looked like sunshine and smelled like spring!

This beautifully-designed box revealed...

This beautifully-designed teacup! I've been obsessing over handless ceramic teacups after seeing the Small Spells + Morris Kitchen collaboration over on Nicole Franzen's blog.

I especially love this teacup by 3,co because it's both edgy and delicate at the same time -- the walls of the cup are thin and organically-wrought whilst being bottom-heavy for sturdiness. The outside is matte black and the inside is smoothly glazed. I love it!

So thankful for Mackenzie for knowing me so well...life is so funny with little surprises. You just never know what's going to happen next!



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