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“The words 'far, far away' had always a strange charm.” 

How nice would it be to leap out of your body and float above the earth for just a few spare moments? To see with your eyes how little everything truly is and how each menial part fits together necessarily to create the system of the world. Or how interesting would it be to shrink down inside yourself and travel as a vessel through all of the veins underneath your skin? To see what a vast microcosm our own material beings are.

...to be far, far away...

From Mushishi by Yuki Urushibara

If I created a land where you'd feel that peace, perhaps I'd state that the only way you were to reach it would be to enter a dark grotto, where a small ancient boat would be waiting for you to push out onto an inky black lake lit up with liquid stars. And you would look upwards and see a rocky roof with height and depth immeasurable to the eye, illuminated in parts by secret light leaking from porous pumice, black volcanic glass.

From Mushishi by Yuki Urushibara

How would I illustrate transformation? Perhaps it would begin like this. The initial fear of entering a gaping black hole in the center of the earth where it is cold and the sights are strange and gripping in a terrifying sense, yet the reaction pulled out is a silent awestruck wonder to be wrestled with as your eyes strain in disbelief. I would say that most change begins with rupture - a disruptive force in the flow - a ripple and wrinkle in the cloth.

I'm sure I'll re-read this later on and brand myself a strange one. How does your own mind work?



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