The Last Brucennial: Art Opening

2:15 PM

Mknz and I trekked over from the East Village to Meatpacking for The Last Brucennial! It was awesome because it felt like a well-lit Brooklyn party (complete with an iPhone DJ and free PBR+Budweiser+Bud Light being served out of big trash can ice buckets), but held across from the Standard Hotel. Mack and I grabbed some beer and made our rounds...there was SO. MUCH. ART. Not all of it was good. There definitely was a high quantity of art that made me want to gag, particularly the ones with vulgar photography or debasement.

The other night the girls and I went to Tonic for Monday 25-cent wings and a conversation got started about the definition of art. A hefty conversation topic, we know. Thankfully at the end of it and despite our differences in opinion, we can put it away at the end of it and respect each other's ideas on the matter. My personal view is that the majority of things created, if not all, counts as art. Now, there are subcategories for it - types of art - as well as the subjective judgments of "good" or "bad" art. I would never stand in a place that places me on a pedestal of expertise to deem someone's modern-style works as not-art just because I received no healing or sustenance from it. Perhaps someone with a completely different taste than mine would...

There were SO many people. We were sliding around people and sculptures like sardines...the line was out the door and they only let people filter into the space in sections. It felt like a quicker version of the wait for Kusama's exhibition.

Mknz's typical expression. Cutie :)

One of my favorite artists -- Tracy Emin. Excited I got to see one of hers!

I thought this was cool. Linguistics blurring and becoming void. Looks like the language + conversation that happens in my brain.

I really took up with these frames and drawings. Check out that color palette...

If you're in NYC and haven't gone to see the exhibit yet, I suggest you go before it closes in April!



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