ISA off Wythe

8:06 AM

This morning I was able to reconnect with an old friend, Lizzy, in Williamsburg for some catching up over brunch! We went to ISA off Wythe, one of my favorite Wburg spots to eat. She lives in the neighborhood and said she'd never tried ISA's food - my shock when she said that! The food at ISA is delicious...check out their menu:

I know L from BULLETT, when we both interned there during the time they still had a print magazine. If you ever get your hands on the issue with Michael C. Hall on it, check out the credits and my name is in there!

Well it turns out that L works right next door to my workspace in midtown - LITERALLY a couple of doors down. NYC is funny like that; either you never see anyone you know in the same place, or you'll run into someone somewhere you never thought you'd see.

Excited to wear my new (thrifted) dress!

We ordered the wood oven baked eggs, roast tomato, polenta, and parmesan with a couple of sides: roasted fennel sausage and rosemary potatoes.

Dress detail.

I love how heavily-designed the restaurant is, but their menus are these kitschy collages with handwriting printed on paper. The restaurant design has a sort of earthen, geometric thing going on, so the menus are a nice surprise!



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