Délicieux Croissants!

4:52 PM

Mknz and I baked croissants this past week as a fun little kitchen adventure. We love cooking together, and this was fun because we'd never baked anything as time-consuming nor detail-oriented as croissants. Perhaps it was the recipe we used from Adventures in Cooking that was just too damn multi-stepped, but we had a fun time pulling it off! The croissant pastry turned out to be much denser than what we were expecting, so you can really only eat one as a serving.

We made three types: plain, prosciutto + gruyere cheese, and sweet almond paste.
Before you roll the croissants, make sure to stretch the dough to be a bit larger than the original cut. Place filling on top before rolling triangles into curved shape + don't be stingy with it either! The fuller the croissants, the better.

An ultra-concentrated Mknz.

Cutting the triangles of dough post-kneading. The kneading process was insane. It took over an hour! Refer to recipe to see what I'm talking about.

Poor Mknz, he's 6'4 and had to be bent over the low dining table (which was perfect height for me, so we took turns kneading).

Glazing the raw dough with egg white before popping them into the oven.

Magnifique! Yum! Nice to see Mknz's birthday present being put to immediate use, no?



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