Valentine's Day 2014 with Mknz

8:34 PM

Mknz sure knows how to treat a girl. He kept the entire date a surprise until the day of; I was kept wondering the entire week! When I finally finished up at work on Friday afternoon I skedaddled downtown back to the house to change into a black dress from LF and red tights. I was afraid I would be late to our reservation because I had to oversee reconstruction of a corner of the flooring at the IAM loft (over the holidays our boiler leaked and puddled on the wood, warping it into a little obstacle knoll by the window). 

We had a 5 o'clock dinner reservation at Goat Town. Mknz joke-apologized for it being a "senior citizen" dinner because it was so early. I can definitely eat all day every day so I didn't mind the least bit...

We started off with oysters (both east + west coast types) with yummy beer. He ordered the Chestnut Tagliatelle and I ordered the Buckwheat Risotto. While we waited for our food I gave Mknz his present: 52 pieces of long card-stock with quotes by everyone from Plato to Langston Hughes to Thomas Mann to Jack Kerouac to Steve Zissou of the Life quote for every week of the year! I tried to choose quotes of the more obscure brand, because there's so much good writing out there that rarely gets remembered!

Afterwards he took me to Elsa bar to get a cocktail. I liked this bar because they made it difficult to make a selection from their list - there were so many good ones! Mknz got the the 'Boxer Beetle' and I tried 'Death of a Ladies Man.' I have a love affair with anything maple as well as things with a smoky flavor mmm....

The reason for our early dinner date was because Mknz was so thoughtful and found an awesome 8 o'clock show at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn Heights. Heatsick + opener Ned Rothenberg were playing. Rothenberg played clarinet and alto saxophone (separately) with extended techniques, which was cool because it sounded almost as though three different instruments were being played at once. When he played his sax set, they turned all of the lights off and everyone kind of just sat in silence while he jammed. Following him, Heatsick got up there and spun a DJ set of his own keyboard synth music. The contrast in their music was kind of a shock but I really enjoyed myself. Heatsick was hilarious - had very British humor. It was a good time! The venue is a converted lobby from an education administration, so it was cool to hear the sound bouncing against all of the marble and filling the space.

Top: Mknz + Nia in NYC
Bottom: Hannie + Milan in Germany

Eri didn't send us any pics from her Valentine's, but it sounds like she had a good time! She and a girl friend and a couple of boys dressed up and cooked a fancy dinner. Successful valentines for all of the K girls!
So grateful for my valentine this year :)



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