Snow Day with la Melina

4:57 PM

We had a funny little snowstorm a few days ago. It'd been written in the forecast all week but for some reason Melina and I were shocked at the amount of snow that fell that day! I ended up working from home to get my hours in for IAM that day and then for the rest of it I helped Melina design the programs for Mockingbird NYC 2014. I found some adorable fonts to use for the programs and they go so well with the hand lettering that Mbird's graphic designer created!

We worked from the dining room, cozy with some coffee! I bought Mel a set of teacups for Christmas from Anthropologie that are identical to my own. It really did feel like I was working from home.

While I worked Mel spoiled me by being so sweet and making breakfast and lunch for me! For breakfast she put together oatmeal + golden berries + dried cranberries + almonds + brown sugar. For lunch we warmed up leftovers from the dinner party we had the night before: rosemary chicken + roasted brussels sprouts + fingerling potatoes + tomato/basil/mozzarella salad.

I'd say one of the best tools for me to get work done is a hair tie - as strange as that sounds. I remember being very young and reading A Series of Unfortunate Events and one of the characters would tie her hair with a ribbon away from her face so that she could concentrate. She mused me into doing the same and so now the habit has stuck and I can't really get work done without a hair tie...

These cute elastics are the only hair ties that can hold up my thick hair (other than rubber bands!) without slipping or breaking.

Another thing I've found that gets me through a long work day is a funny Snapchat from my boyfriend Mackenzie. He sent me a ridiculous winking one (can't stand it!) and here's the reaction I sent back. Pained, but maybe amused.



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