Smorgasbord Saturday

9:15 AM

I'm a HUGE fan of Smorgasbord. When I was living in Brooklyn Heights I enjoyed walking down to DUMBO for the Sunday Smorgasbord on the waterfront. The vendors filled up the open-air warehouse with their mini canopies and paper trays of delicious eats - the best BK has to offer! The only problem with Smorgas in the summer season is the sticky heat endured during all the monching...especially if you're into experimental spicy Philipino lumpia.

Some friendgirls and I went to Smorgasbord in Wburg this past weekend. I want to say I actually like it better than the outdoor version because it's nice having all of the Brooklyn Flea wares present at the same time as the food vendors instead of on separate days - in warmer weather, the BK Flea is designated one day while Smorgasbord is given another separate day. Shannon, Jasmine, Katrina, and I liked going to the indoor winter Wburg location because it was all-inclusive :) We could sip our lychee tea + monch our Takumi tacos whilst admiring old jewelry and antique furniture.

Jords and I sweltering in the heat last July.

Shannon, Nia, Katrina, Jasmine.

Our photographer outdid the candid of himself.

Katrina + I


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